About the Programme

Foundation EGO carrying out a project “Reintegration of the family entangled into the violence” is directed to people for which problems are accompanying the violence on the family. Statistical data of the in Białystok show that the 16% of residents of the Podlasie province lives in the role of the person experiencing the violence in the family. On this base it is possible to anticipate that the percentage of Podlasie entangled families is large into the violence. This negative social phenomenon, resulting in the sequence of the dysfunction is both for the life of the family (copying negative lines by children) as well as for the working life (forbidding victims of the violence to get an education, lowering their self-assessment, the ban on taking up work, and the like). Reducing the phenomenon of the violence in the family through the course of preventive, therapeutic action and supporting is a general objective infrastructure in the counteraction of the violence in the family on the local level and regional (Podlasie province). The persons involved in the problem of the violence are a target group of the project in the family – both persons sustaining the violence (adult and children) as well as applying the violence and witnesses (firebrands of children and elderly people). An improvement in house conditions of the institution and a number of people will be a result of the project using the suport. As a result of the project implementation an availability will increase at your service specialist and a quality of these services will rise.